MJ Advanced Materials

Manufacturer and Suppliers of highest quality Fiberglass woven fabrics

Company was formed to manufacture and supply highest quality fiberglass woven fabrics by understanding the market / customer requirements, we have a 12000sqft factory with multiple machines located in Bangalore. Our goal is to become one of the leading fiberglass fabric manufacturers in the country by supplying best quality products and on time supplies with highest customer satisfaction. Company is part of MJ Group Of Companies, which runs establishments in multiple industries.

Woven Fabric

Fiberglass woven cloth is weaved using high strength fiberglass yarn on world-class machines. Our fabrics are compatible with polyester, epoxy and vinyl resins, we produce them in various weaves, weights and thicknesses using highest quality E and ECR fiberglass yarns depending on customer requirements.


Electrical Insulation

Heat Resistance


High Tensile Strength

Easily Designable

Quick wet out



  • Aircraft industry
  • Windmill industry
  • Shipping industry


  • Chemical industry
  • Military industry
  • Sports industry

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